Assembling your Co Home Planner

Thank you for choosing the Co Home Planner - we created it with you in mind!

Co Home Planner Inclusions

      1. Inside left pocket: This is a great space to store larger paperwork like A3 plans.
      2. Ruler: Handy for marking up floor plans or drawing up ideas in your grid pad (located at the back of your planner).
      3. Pencil: Better to use than a pen when marking up designs as you can play around with ideas and then erase.
      4. Metal pen: It’s a pen. No explanation necessary.
      5. Sample sleeves: A great place to store receipts, paint swatches, fabric samples or any loose small paperwork. If you love using these sleeves, you can purchase more (two are included in your planner purchase).
      6. Sticky notes: You can write on them, use them as bookmarks, stick them down, move and reuse. Handy to mark up drawings on grid pad or make notes on floor plans, furnishing pamphlets, contract or quotes.
      7. Weekly to-do lists: Use weekly lists to document your build progress.  Once the week is over, carry over unfinished tasks to the new week and move old list to the back.  If you require more lists, please send us an email.
      8. Grid paper pad: Draw up floor plan changes, plan out furniture layouts for rooms (to scale).
      9. Gift box/sample box: Place to store your larger samples. Use with the divider or without depending on the size of your samples.
      10. Organisation tabs
      • Design (floor plans & layout).
      • Colour + inspo (colour selections, images and ideas).
      • Furnishings (finishes, furniture and fittings).
      • Financial (budget, invoices and receipts).
      • Contracts.

    We would love to see how you like to use your Co Home Planner! Please tag us on instagram so we can share your ideas.